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Twine Game Reflection

In India, the majority of the population is under the poverty line, nevertheless those who weren’t, also suffered because of the pandemic and the fact that lockdown begun so early in India, that almost no one was able to work for five-six months. For very few it was blessing in disguise depending on the jobs they had they could work from home and spend more time with their family, however, for the daily wage earners and small-scale businesses it was nothing short of a curse. They couldn’t be bothered less about Covid-19, they were dying from hunger and the shortage of money. So, we concluded that the issues that people faced, to some extent, would be the issues people faced in other part of the counties as well, so we decided that we should make a twine game where there were three people from three different parts of the society (lower, middle, and upper class) just to provide what kind of problems they might have faced. Everyone had some kind of trouble no matter how big or small it might look to us. Another thing we tried to address was the fact that- “The problems that seem small to us might be someone’s biggest concern.” For example, Rebecca, our lower socioeconomic class character, always had a shortage of cash and had to literally move to an unsafe neighborhood just to save money on rent so she could survive through the pandemic, while Crest, our upper socioeconomic class character, had no shortage of money and his biggest concern was to either remain in his penthouse in NYC or move to his mansion in the Hamptons. We wanted to add more to the game like meters but since none of us on our team knew coding in JavaScript we just included it in our presentation that we would like to add meters like money, physical/Covid, and mental health meters that would also be able to display all states of mind and body and in general just talk more about the character’s state. 

Check out our game here.


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