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Game Comparison Reflection

Read my essay here.

I had no difficulty starting the essay the way it was structured. I actually thought that it was a better way to write essays, even if the pattern was not the same. I first thought about things that I wanted to speak about in my essay and then I tried to figure out how it had shaped the two games and their journey overcoming trauma. Instead of playing the entire game by myself, I played both games as much as I could before I got stuck at one point trying to overcome an obstacle for a long time. I decided that watching a walkthrough of both games on YouTube, where I could actually concentrate on the characters itself rather than figuring out what to do next and it would be more efficient as I could change the playback speed. The only shortcoming to this way was that I could not stop at one place, look around and just admire the beauty of both Gris and Firewatch, which were games with excellent visuals that even helped in some character development. 

Instead of writing about the things that we discussed I based my entire essay on how I thought this game and the story it was trying to tell us through the course of the game. In doing so I actually had some trouble organizing my ideas and tried to make it not repetitive, but after spending some time just jotting down ideas and then structuring it made me happy with my end result. 


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