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After I heard the voice message, my initial thought was that they were not very rich as she had to take a very late flight, which was the cheapest. But as soon as I entered the door, I saw this huge mansion and I was confused as to what was going on. Why would someone who can afford to live in this mansion have to think about taking a cheap flight. The lighting from the starting was very dark. Initially because of the setting like darkness, thundering and suspense music, made me think it was a mystery game. The note Sam left reassured that, as I would have to find clues as to where she could have gone. I think another thing that was strange that I thought that there was going to be at least her mom or dad as she had come from this long trip. This also establishes Kaitlin’s character, she is a kind person as she didn’t want her mother to worry about picking her up, and her mother and father thought that she was responsible enough to take care of herself, so they might have gone to look for Sam without leaving a note. 

I think scene was the most interesting for me was this place. It added to the suspense of the game as we find out that Oscar the person to whom this place belonged to her fathers uncle. I think this place establishes that there was a person who used to live her and went mad. This added to “horror” of the game. Involved in conspiracy theories and all, drove him to kill himself. Moreover, this establishes that Sam was bullied as she was often referred to the person who lived in the “psycho house”. 


One thought on “GONE HOME

  1. I agree with your point about suspense. I thought that viewing this board marked a tempo shift in the game, almost suddenly making this a “horror game” as you noted. Along with Sam being bullied, this board, to me, was a clear indicator that that the house being abandoned is not coincidental; there is definitely something wrong. Finally, I loved your analysis of Kaitlin’s character at the start.

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